In a 60-page document filed this week with the U.S. District Court, Central California Division, RealPage largely denies Yardi`s January 15 complaint of piracy, privacy violations and theft of intellectual property. RealPage argues that all access to Yardi systems implemented by the company was within the framework of its contractual and legal rights to act as an agent of the customers for whom it provides hosting and IT consulting services and follows the letter and spirit of Yardi licensing agreements as they existed at the time. Yardi Systems Ltd Michael Cook Phone: 07736 073 145 Email: Increase the efficiency of your organization with a central database that is equipped to allow remote users to access in real time via the web. In addition, Yardi did not respond to the cross-allegations made by RealPage in the bid. Yardi Private Cloud offers dedicated virtual servers, database and application installation, and VPN connectivity with Yardi Cloud. Our 12 data centers around the world have overcapacity at all times, allowing you to quickly add users, features and features as requirements increase. Conversely, if you already need to recalinize operations, you can do so without suffering a loss of investment in unused software and hardware. Enjoy the experience of one of the fastest growing cloud solution providers and avoid the need to manage server infrastructure while increasing processing capacity as your business grows. Chris Wood is the free author and former editor of Hanley Wood Publications ProSales and Multifamily Executive. Enjoy the best security measures available in the industry, including data restoration, encryption and 24-hour server monitoring. Learn more about Yardi`s inclusion in the Forbes Cloud 100 list, which offers seamless integration of customer data into a single connected solution, the ideal environment for mobile or distributed employees.

With a solution hosted by Yardi, you can manage your business as if all your offices are under one roof, so employees can access current reports, book transactions in real time, and share files securely. Yardi Voyager is Software as a Service (SaaS) and offers real estate and leasing and accounting services. It supports the entire real estate lifecycle and automates processes with dashboards, workflows, critical date notifications and analytics. CommercialCafe is an online portal for external users to enter work orders; Submit applications and displays the documents.