The final regatta of the 2019 South West Coastal Rowing League was host by Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club in Plymouth on 5th October with Muddy Rubble races.

The second part of the season saw a significant interest with an increased number of singles and doubles. There were very close races between men and ladies coxed quads; the Ladies coxed quad race saw some fierce competition with Teign Scullers winning Muddy Rubble, followed by Exmouth ‘A’ crew giving them both a joined first place in South West Coastal Rowing League 2019. Mayflower ‘A’ claimed third place overall.

The last men’s race of the season was won by Exmouth ‘A’ crew, followed by Teign with Mayflower claiming third place – all seperated by 30 seconds at the finish with all crews recording their fastest ever Muddy Rubble 8km’s.  However, that was not enough for Exmouth to claim the South West Coastal Rowing League trophy, which was won by Teign, with just one point difference with Mayflower ‘A’ coming third.

Master’s races was won by Exmouth crew giving them a comfortable 1st place in the South West Coastal Rowing League, followed by Mayflower ‘A’ and Teign.

Mixed race was won by Teign, securing their first place in the South West Coastal League, followed by Exmouth A and Mayflower A.

This year has also been very good for singled and doubles in ladies, men, mixed and masters. We saw an increased number of entries at our regattas including representation from clubs outside of South West, including independent rowers and entries from Wales, Dorset and South East England.

Ladies single trophy for 2019 was claimed by Marie G from Exmouth Rowing Club. Men’s single was won by Robin S from Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club. Ladies double was won by Ania W and Ruth W from Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club whilst men’s double was claimed by joined efforts of Craig C and Jon H, Mayflower/Exmouth RC. Mixed double trophy was comfortably claimed by Wendy and Patrick from Teign RC. Masters single trophy was claimed by Bob Cottell.

We are hoping that next year will be as successful as this year with many exciting races.