This year has been a bit of a roller coaster for everyone, and this also includes our club and rowing opportunities. We had three months of no rowing and since July we have gradually made our way back on the water with our Return To Row programme in line with British Rowing’s guidelines.

Once back on the water, we have had some amazing weather and a lot of people venturing out in singles and double sculls – for some it was their first time. Only since mid-August could we row together in our coxed-quads, enabling longer rows, and to celebrate the occasion we were greeted by dolphins.

Of course, health and safety is our priority at Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club and as such we are following British Rowing (BR) rules on the return to row. We are currently in phase E according to BR guideline rules, moving to phase F as of 29th August, which allows all types of boats to be able to go out on the water (BR Guideline link).

With the easing on restrictions which also includes travelling abroad, a lot of us had the opportunity to take some time off this summer. Because of increased travel, there has been also an increase in Coronavirus cases. The Government released a list of countries, where a significant increase has been recorded and if you travelled to these countries, you will need to go into 14 day quarantine when you arrive back in the UK. The list is being updated on regular basis, so if you have travel plans please check the rules for the country you are travelling to. These may change whilst you are already abroad.

The Committee and the club has collective responsibility to protect its members and if you have travelled to a country considered as high risk and, which is on the 14 day quarantine list, please let us know and we will agree on a date when you would be able to come back to the club and go out on the water.  

We have a duty of care as several of our Members are within higher risk category and we are looking to relax the session booking system. We would hope that all of our members understand and support our decisions making sure we can all feel safe.  

If you would like to further discuss any of the above, please contact us on