Your documentation can be easily managed online, z.B. on a Free Google Docs (recommended) account. Online management of these forms makes it easier for you, if necessary, to share with your co-authors and other members (management, accounting or legal aid, etc.) within your team. It helps you keep your documentation accessible and transparent to you and your team, allowing them to easily manage your future publishing and licensing opportunities. DISCLAIMER: These contract templates are only used for educational purposes. Always talk to a lawyer before writing or signing a contract or other legal document. In accordance with the exclusivity agreement, the songwriter undertakes to assign all compositions written for a specified period of time (for example. B 2 years from January 1 or 1 year with four options), with the guarantee of a share of the income obtained and generally subject to weekly or monthly payments. All weekly or monthly payments to the writer are treated as advances that can be recovered by the writer`s future royalties. If z.B. a writer receives $600 in advances per week, $31,200 was advanced in the first year of contract.

These funds are deducted from all royalties due from record sales, downloads, tickets, advertisements, home videos, television and film royalties, as well as any other source of revenue controlled by the publisher. As with many particularities of songwriting contracts, the actual language of this section will vary considerably depending on what both parties have agreed in advance. As a general rule, they will indicate who receives and owns copyrights to the work and additional rights from the publisher over the compositions. The contract will often say that the publisher has power of attorney over the songs on behalf of the writer. Bio author: Dave Kusek is a digital cowboy, consultant, teacher, entrepreneur, musician, marketer, co-author of Future of Music, founder of Berklee Online and the driving force behind new model artist. Or maybe the music producer thinks their contribution to composition justifies some of the songwriting credits. One of the values of such an exclusive relationship with a publisher is that the writer will be guaranteed a stable income, much like a salary to meet the daily financial needs and cost of living, while pursuing a career.