As a registered charity MORC has an elected committee responsible for the overall club management. The committee is chosen on yearly basis through voting and current committee members include:

Sal Williams
Sal WilliamsPresident
Main Duties:
Perform a leading role in ceremonial duties: handing out awards, speeches at Club events and functions
Act as a mediator and arbitrator in dispute resolution, invoking disciplinary process if required
Act as the Returning Officer for Club Committee elections for AGM
Representing the Club to outside parties
Take a lead role in facilitating the planning process that determines the Club’s future including opportunities for fund raising, sponsorship and grant application
Heather Pfeil
Heather PfeilCaptain
Main duties:
Is responsible for defining the Club’s approach to training and coaching of rowers following the BR guidelines of all Members.
Lead on crew selection with input from the Cub Vice-Captain and Coaches for Members involved in regattas based on experience and fitness to present competitive crew participation.
Coordinate the Session Supervisor rota for each month.
Part of the Club’s Assessment Team for review of individual Members that are returning post long absence (fitness, health matters).
John Malone
John Malone Vice Captain
Main duties:
Supports the Club Captain and acts a deputy in their absence.
Manage the induction of new rowers with the Club Coaches (Taster Sessions and Learn-2-Row program).
Liaise with the Club Coaches to ensure that their certificates are up to date and coordinates the training of new Coaches.
Kerry O'Gorman
Kerry O'GormanTreasurer
Main duties:
Manage the payment and renewal of insurances, licences and other transactions.
Produce a balance sheet showing the income and expenditure of the Club’s financial transactions to be presented at all Committee meetings.
Coordinate an annual audit of Club accounts with an independent financial auditor and present to the Members at the AGM.
Submission of annual return to the Charities Commission/HMRC (post independent audit).
Liaise with Membership Secretary on membership payments.
Responsible for the management of the Club’s bank account and cheque book (coordinating two additional counter signatories – Trustees only).
Monitor and report to the Committee on financial trends in expenditure and income.
Responsible for retention and secure storage of all financial records in accordance with financial conduct guidelines/legislation.
Andy Conbeer
Andy ConbeerFacilities Manager
Main duties:
Establish a program for the ongoing cleaning, maintenance and upkeep of Clubhouse, facilities, equipment and grounds.
Coordinate the resources (tools and materials) and Members to participate in regular general and focused Maintenance Days.
Register and manage the Club’s assets detailed in the Club’s insurance policy.
Prepare work plans and manage the scheduling of repairs and renovations to rowing assets (boats, blades and trailers)
Jeff Keast
Jeff Keast Regatta Secretary
Main duties:
Lead on the planning of the Club’s regattas and events as part of the South West League.
Coordinate the Club’s participation in South West League calendar of regattas.
Represent the Club at the South West League Committee meetings.
Assist the Social Secretary in the planning of the Club’s social rowing events.
Wendy Patey
Wendy PateyMembership Secretary
Main duties:
Maintain database of Members details in accordance with data protection legislation: name; date of birth; contact details; next of kin; membership type and status; and capsize training.
Update the Club Phone with Member contact details and next of kin (to be taken on all events).
Create the Member’s Attendance Register which records Members’ session activities (rowing, indoor training, coxing, coaching and maintenance etc.).
Responsible for the management and retention of all Membership application forms in accordance with data protection legislation.
Responsible for the collection of Membership fees and liaising with the Treasurer on membership payments.
Wendy Patey
Wendy PateySecretary
Main duties:
Responsible for the organisation of General Members and Committee Members meetings as well as the AGM.
Recording of minutes relating to such meetings and disbursement to Members.
Management of all correspondence relating to the general business of the Club, including the Club’s email account and various distribution groups.
Responsible for the management and archiving of Club records and memorabilia.
Fiona Carmichael
Fiona Carmichael Welfare Officer
Main duties:
Provide information and advice on British Rowing’s Safeguarding policies for Children and Vulnerable Adults.
Ensure that the Club adopts and follows the British Rowing’s Safeguarding Policies and procedures and promote awareness of policy through the Club.
Keep necessary records of DBS checks.
Receive information from those with a concern and refer it to the relevant bodies in line with British Rowing guidance, keeping all parties informed as necessary.
Part of the Club’s Assessment Team for review of individual Members that are returning post long absence (fitness, health matters).
Brian Headlam
Brian Headlam Safety Officer
Main duties:
Ensure that the Club complies with British Rowing guidance in RowSafe.
Ensure that all incidents are reported in the correct manner (Club Incident Report Book) and any follow-up correction action is noted and duly taken (first aid, induction, repairs etc.).
Link with the Regional Safety Advisor to report incidents correctly.
Update the Club Committee on relevant safety matters – land and water based.
Ensure that the Club has adequate certified First Aid representatives (coordinate with the Club Vice-Captain on training new representatives).
Responsible for publication of event risk assessments for all events hosted by the Club.
Liaise with the Regatta Secretary to ensure that adequate risk assessments are undertaken at events to which Club Members are participating in (not just South West League events).
Organise safety training for Club or individual Members.
Maintain the water safety resources at the Club: life jackets; buoyance aids, safety rib.
Undertake safety checks and compliance on Club rowing assets.
Heidi Frith
Heidi FrithPublicity Officer
Main duties:
Investigate opportunities to promote the Club and coastal rowing to potential Members.
Editing club mailing / newsletter / website / social media.
Co-ordinate publicity for Club events.
Shannon Clarke
Shannon ClarkeJunior Rep
Main duties:
To make representation to the Club Committee the Junior Members (14 years – 18 years).
Sam Guyah
Sam GuyahSocial Secretary
Main duties:
Collate suggestions and lead on the planning and co-ordination of a calendar of social rowing events for Members.
Organise a Club annual dinner.
Lead on initiating and coordinating fundraising events.