Fantastic 7 days at the Worlds with 18 Morcers! 100% effort from all crews, 3 crews into finals with some truly remarkable performances: ladies quad (Ania Wieczorek, Ruth Winter, Sally Williams, Wendy Patey and our cox Gill Mannings Cox) and a ladies single (Fiona Carmichael) in a Final A followed by men’s quad in a Final B (Moose, Thomas Doherty, Jeff Hammond, Robin Steward and our cox Phoebe Winter).

Lots of thanks needed, to Sally Williams for keeping us organised, to Fiona Carmichael for kit & travel, to Jeff and Julie Keast for booking flights & hotel, to Gill Mannings Cox, Phoebe Winter & Fi for coxing the Filippi boats, to Chris Patey for being our beachmaster, helping with every boat, & joining forces with Brian O’dea to make sure the boats were set up correctly.

Many thanks need to go to every Morcer at the club for their continuous support as everyone made this trip a memorable experience. We wouldn’t have done it without you all guys.