This section asks for concrete details on differences of opinion. Form VA 21-0958 or the “Notification of Disagreement” (NOD) form must be completed if the VA`s decision on the right to disability benefits is not agreed. Make sure that all the information to be placed must be complete and truthful. Do not leave an empty box unless otherwise stated and follow all the formats that are officially indicated on the form. Since it is a government document, it should be treated with the utmost care and attention. We give you a step-by-step guide on how to complete the VA form 21-0958. Before you try to fill out form VA 21-0958, read the instructions carefully to determine exactly what information you need to complete the form. VA Form 21-0958 is a communication of disagreement. If you do not agree with a statement or decision regarding your right to a disability award by your regional office, you should use this form to report your disagreement. Indeed, this form is the only way to bring a claim as a result of a decision described above. On this page, you`ll find the most frequently used VA forms.

You can download the forms if necessary. If you want to apply for VA benefits, you can find the forms to start with here. If the VA has recently denied your entitlement to disability benefits, you should consider hiring a veterans lawyer. If you have any questions about the forms or your call, you are invited to contact us. VA Form 21-0958 (Fillable PDF, January 2015 version) VA Form 3288 – Request for Consent to Release Information from Individual`s Records (347K) The information placed in this section helps the Department of Veterans Affairs identify exactly who the Veteran is. After filling out the form, you must indicate a signature on the underside of the form. Otherwise, you will sign it again. This greatly lengthens the processing of your form. This form does not require other forms to accompany it. However, you can add a few extra sheets if you have no more room when you fill the last field. You should also attach all the materials that support and explain your disagrement note.

If you are not a veteran, but instead fill out this form for a properly rated representative, you must provide your full legal name, your current postal address, your housing or unit number, the city, country or provincial prefix, country, zip code or zip code, telephone number with the code provided and your email address , but only if you want to place it. At the end of this section, indicate your phone number that should contain your prefix. In addition, you can enter your email address by writing it, but it is totally optional and is not required to complete this form. If you are a U.S. veteran or a duly rated representative of a person who wishes to express their refusal to make a decision based on your right to compensation for persons with disabilities, you can complete this form and submit it accordingly.