b. Smartsheet Brands. The developer recognizes that Smartsheet features may contain smartsheet brands, logos, symbols, names and slogans used to distinguish its products and services (“smartsheet”). To the extent that the developers` use of smartsheet features leads to smartsheet markers inside or in conjunction with Smartsheet confer on the developer, until this agreement expires or expires, a revocable, non-sub-conceded, non-transferable and non-exclusive license limitation for displaying Smartsheet brands that appear exclusively to identify the relationship of the parties expressed in this agreement and how they appear when the developer uses the Smartsheet properties associated with the developed application, and any goodage resulting from such use of Smartsheet brands serves exclusively for the utility of Smartshehe. This license is subject to the developer`s compliance with the Smartsheet Branding Guidelines, the current version of which can be found under www.smartsheet.com/legal/intellectual-property, and under the following conditions: 1. Acceptance; waist. These terms are a legal contract between Smartsheet.com, Inc. (“we,” “us” or “Smartsheet”) and you. BY ACCESSING OR USING THE FORUM, YOU ACCEPT THESE CONDITIONS. You should not access or use the forum if you do not want to or if you are not able to be bound by the conditions. For the sake of clarity, these conditions do not apply to your use of our cooperation and project management platform (the “subscription service”). Instead, access to the subscription service is exclusively subject to your user agreement or any other subscription contract you may have with us.

The service level agreement is Smartsheet`s commitment to the availability of certain covered services purchased by customers. 11. Data protection. Smartsheet processes personal data in accordance with the smartsheet privacy notice, the current version of which can be found under www.smartsheet.com/legal/privacy. By participating in the program, Smartsheet can provide certain information, including, but not limited to name and email address, which are related to the end-user development application, to connect to the developer or to ask the developer to access or use the developer application.