Maxis Fair Usage Policy, the directive that establishes an acceptable level of behaviour between The Maxis and its customers who use the services available on Maxis` website at The terms “Terms and Conditions” are these terms and conditions of sale (modified from time to time, which are available on our website at the We reserve the rights without liability to revise these SSCCs, CGVs, the offer and our prices. To the extent reasonably possible, we will notify you in advance of these changes and all previous versions of our manuals or leaflets will be replaced. You agree that you have a responsibility to regularly verify information about the plan and Services under, including changes to the Agreement. Your continued use of the service and/or plan (after the effective date of any changes/changes to the terms of the agreement, services and/or plans) constitutes an unconditional acceptance of these changes/modifications to which you are bound. If you do not accept such changes, you will terminate the plan (s) and/or use of the Services by notifying us within 28 days of the effective date when you accepted the changes. Advance payment on the basis of the rate nomenclature under this offer is made as stated on our website at “Maxis Group Privacy Policy” refers to Maxis Group`s privacy policy, available on Maxis` website at The price guide for the fare plan under this offer is as on our website at Prices displayed do not include all taxes. This offer and the use of the Service are governed by the terms and conditions of sale (“CGV”), the specific terms of use (“SSTC”), the terms of use of Maxis fair and all other applicable conditions, which all and by issuing our maximum centres listed on; or “Specific Terms of Service,” the specific terms and conditions for all services available on our website or in the press, manuals and manuals accompanying the use of specific equipment and/or services, including promotional material and/or customer loyalty program, as well as any other conditions relating to the use of these specific equipment and/or services (as they may be modified from time to time on our website