Do you offer customer service for my home? Yes, each house is managed and managed professionally by our On-site Invitation Homes employees. Full customer service is available online through our resident services portal or by phone. You will find the phone number or email address on our contact page to find the phone number or email address in your city. Do you allow pets? Yes, we love your pets! And your pets will love your new home, yard and neighborhood invitation. All pets are subject to authorisation. Learn more about our pet-friendly homes in our skill requirements >> What are invitation homes? With approximately 80,000 rentals in the country, Invitation Homes is the U.S. leader in single-family home rentals. We serve 17 of the country`s most popular metro areas with a wide choice of 3, 4 and 5 bedrooms in a variety of large neighborhoods where you want to live. All of our homes for rent are managed professionally and are supported by the strength and stability of the first rental company in the country.

Invitation Homes is the main owner and manager of beautifully renovated detached houses for rent. UPDATE: 03-12-2020 – Invitational homes report an empty refusal to cut overgrown trees on their property, according to Angie Bonner, that the portfolio manager cites Florida law and that they do not cut down trees that hang over another person`s land line. it does not recognize that if they had primarily maintained the property properly, it would never have been so out of control. I wonder how easy it will be for them to rent the house the next time these tenants undress this business does not properly maintain the landscaping of the real estate, they never keep the trees in the yard and let them grow and spread consistently beyond my property, which now harms my umbrella and fence. The invitation houses contacted and they stated that it is the responsibility of the tenants to maintain, but their website says that their only general care of the lawn must take care of them. I have spoken to the neighbours who claim to be in charge of his invitations. Typical rental agency that do nothing and only look on the bottom far too many unnecessary fees. Wrong answer to questions.

They charge me for an air filtration service and don`t even send the right filters. And overload me with those filters. I have to pay a down payment per fee per month. I`ll avoid coming back into this business. Honestly, it`s worth breaking the lease. The only good thing is that they are quick to get you into the house. This agreement was established in the form of a legally binding licensing agreement that subjects your use of this site to conditions. This contract applies to your use of a blog, page, section or website function that refers to that agreement. Please note that some tours or functions offered on this site may be subject to different or additional conditions. IMPORTANT: THIS AGREEMENT CONTAINS AN ARBITRATION PROVISION THAT REQUIRES THAT ALL CLAIMS BE RESOLVED THROUGH MANDATORY ARBITRATION.

Please read section 19 of this agreement carefully for more information. Many of these contractors have only targeted exterior views of homes — no interior inspection — according to government documents. The notifications also indicate that contractors were ordered to assume that the interiors had been redesigned to the standards announced on the Invitation Homes website.