Media Temple may, at its discretion, make the refund either (i) in the form of an in-store credit, (ii) through PayPal or (iii) by cheque. Media Temple also has the right, but not the obligation to offer credit to customers who request refunds, even if there are no restrictions on refunds imposed by the payment provider, liquidator or bank to issue related to your payment method. If we issue a refund to your bank account, PayPal account or debit/credit card, it may not be posted immediately to your account. 4.3 End-user injuries. It is presumed that you have taken all the steps you authorize, support or facilitate a person or organization in connection with this Contract, your Content or the use of Service Offers. You are responsible for the use of your content and the services offered by end-users. You ensure that all end-users meet their obligations under this Agreement and ensure that the terms of your contract with each end-user are in compliance with this Agreement. If you are aware of an end-user violation of your obligations under this Agreement, you will immediately cease that end-user`s access to your content and service offerings. The terms of use below govern your use of the Services. The wholesale terms that are used in these terms of service, but are not defined below, are defined in the AWS customer agreement or any other agreement with us regarding your use of the Services (the “Convention”). For the purposes of these terms of service, “Your Content” includes all “company content” and all “customer content” and “AWS” “Amazon Properties.” You agree to have found that your use of the BYOL program complies with current Microsoft licensing requirements. The use of the Services in violation of your agreement with Microsoft is not authorized or authorized.

5.6. With Amazon EC2, you can provide Amazon EC2-Instances using your Microsoft software and Microsoft licenses (the “BYOL program”). Unless otherwise stated in your (s) agreement (s) with Microsoft, you can only participate in the BYOL program if you meet the stated requirements and use (a) dedicated instances or dedicated hosts; and (b) Starting Virtual Machines (VMs) from binary software files that you provide. 5.1. Service charges. We charge and charge a monthly fee and fee. We may charge you a fee more often if we assume your account is fraudulent or may not pay. You pay us the fees and fees associated with the use of the services, as described on the AWS website, with one of the payment methods we support. All amounts payable under this agreement are paid without appeal or against and without deduction or deduction or withholding.

Fees and charges for a new service or function of a service take effect when we book discounted fees and fees on the AWS website, unless we expressly do the opposite in a press release. We can increase or add new fees and fees for existing services by sending you a notification at least 30 days in advance. We can charge you interest of 1.5% per month (or the highest rate allowed by law, if less) for all late payments. 48.2. When you activate the consolidated settlement, the main account and member account are jointly responsible for all fees charged by member accounts while they are affiliated with an organization, but the main account is charged for all these fees in accordance with the main account agreement.