As a registered charity MORC has an elected committee responsible for the overall club management. The committee is chosen on yearly basis through voting and current committee members include:

Sal Williams
Sal WilliamsPresident
Sal has been part of a club for many years. She is a very dedicated club member and has taken part in many regattas and events. She loves being out on the water and is a great asset to our club
Heather Pfeil
Heather PfeilCaptain
Heather joined MORC in 2016.
John Malone
John Malone Vice Captain
John Malone has been in the club for many years and is one of our best DIY members. If it breaks he is there to fix it. He loves taking part in regattas and trainings. He loves a good row and finishes with a smile not matter how hard it can get.
Kerry O'Gorman
Kerry O'GormanTreasurer
Kerry has been at Mayflower club for a couple of years and she is a great asset to the club.
Andy Conbeer
Andy ConbeerFacilities Manager
Andy has been with MORC for a number of years.
Jeff Keast
Jeff Keast Regatta Secretary
Jeff is one of the most dedicated members of the club. He is always there whatever the weather. He was our men’s captain for over 2 years and loves a good row. He never lets anyone down and is the most enjoyable person to have around especially when Guinness is involved.
Wendy Patey
Wendy PateyMembership Secretary
Penny Welbourne
Penny WelbourneSecretary
Fiona Carmichael
Fiona Carmichael Welfare Officer
A respected and gifted coach, Fi is always generous with her time and ready to apply her very considerable knowledge and experience to any request for help. She also contributes considerably to the fun atmosphere of the Club.
Brian Headlam
Brian Headlam Safety Officer
Brian is one of the people who made sure the club florished when we moved sites and is always there to promote and encourage our sport. Brian dosen’t row himself but is always the 1st person in a boat either to cox or keep us safe in the club rib. A fantastic character full of fun and mischief
Ania Wieczorek
Ania WieczorekPublicity Officer
Ania has been part of the Mayflower rowing Club since 2015. She has taken part in many regattas as well as World Championships.
Joshua O'Brien
Joshua O'Brien Under 25’s Rep
Miranda Housden
Miranda Housden Social Secretary
Miranda has been in a club for few years now and is a great asset to the club